Triumph Foods has gone from an ambition in 2003, then an operational plant in 2006, to one of the largest pork processors in the United States. Find out how we’ve achieved our loftiest goals.

St. Joseph, Missouri is the city we call home. Our commitment to the community and to the environment is unparalleled. Triumph is devoted to elevating the communities we serve.

We’ve partnered with Seaboard Foods since our inception to bring high-quality pork products to tables around the world. At Triumph, you’ll be producing pork you can be proud of.

Join a diverse team that treats you like family. Triumph Foods is committed to giving our employees meaningful work and opportunities to advance. Search for the position that’s right for you!

at Triumph

We take pride in being an employer of choice, offering competitive compensation, health benefits, and holiday paid time off.

Join a team where innovation and collaboration meet to create safe quality food production. Apply today to find a career in various operations and management positions at our state-of-the-art facility.

Great weekly pay
Health, vision, and dental insurance
Paid holidays and vacations
Overtime available
No layoffs


At Triumph Foods our pride comes from being different than the competition. It is no wonder why we are recognized as one of the top pork processors worldwide. We know what it takes to stand out, which is why we never stop improving.


At our St. Joseph, Missouri plant we’re proud to employ people from widely different creeds and backgrounds. Diversity is our strength! If you want to become part of a team from around the world, apply today!


We strive to give all of our employees the opportunity to advance. From your first day, you’ll be given the tools you need to thrive in a fast-paced environment.


We take pride in all of our employees and the high-quality product they produce. At Triumph Foods, we want all of our employees to succeed.

I Am Triumph


Pork Perfection

“At Triumph Foods, we are different by design. From our diverse and engaged workforce to our continuous pursuit of pork perfection, we’re a workplace dedicated to connectivity, innovation, and sustainability through investment in cutting-edge technology and process improvement. Our culture strives to produce the freshest and highest quality pork products. We value what matters by investing in our most important assets; our people, our plant and our community.

Let those of us at Triumph Foods show you how we are proudly different."

CEO: Mark Campbell

Mark Campbell copy


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