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Triumph Foods is one of the few processing facilities completely owned by its producers. This means our producers – the suppliers of our hogs – are invested in quality, well-being, and safety, just like we are.

Founded in 2003

Who we are

Founded in 2003 by 5 of the largest independently owned pork producers, the company opened the 800,000-square-foot facility in January 2006 in St. Joseph, Missouri. Today, we continue to help deliver on that dream with a dedicated group of hard-working team members who have joined our company from all around the world. They work together in one of the most technologically advanced pork production plants in the country, producing high-quality pork products that are found locally and shipped around the globe under brands recognized by local consumers.

5 million
pounds of pork can be stored in our freezer space.
pallet warehouse capacity.
1.4 billion
pounds of pork products.
5.2 million
hogs processed annually.
team members from around the globe.
countries exported to.
years old.
square meters.
Triumph for Your Future

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Triumph Foods


Our Purpose. We are a farmer-owned company, feeding a growing world with the highest quality pork products while creating opportunities for our team members and community to prosper.

Triumph Foods

Our Values

H.E.R.E., we Triumph!

Here, we act with honesty and integrity, focusing intensely on the excellence of our people, processes and products.
Here, we engage with intention, leveraging our knowledge, skills and capabilities to continually improve our business.
Here, we respect each other and the resources entrusted to us.
Here, we deliver excellence in our Pursuit of Pork Perfection.