About Us

As a top exporter of premium pork products worldwide, Triumph Foods has positioned itself as one of the leading pork processors in the United States. The Company, which began operations of its pork processing plant in January 2006 in St. Joseph, Missouri, is producer owned. The state-of-the-art facility, processing 5.5 million hogs each year, is the newest such facility in the United States. Featuring the latest food quality and safety innovations and improvements the Company prides itself on producing only the highest quality pork products found in the market today.

With a dedicated workforce of 2,800 employees Triumph Foods provides a variety of pork products both domestically and internationally to some of the highest quality food producers in the world. This commitment to quality and the dedication of our workforce is what separates Triumph Foods from others in the industry.


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Our Vision

To be the industry leader in consistently delivering safe, high quality pork products from farm to table.

Our Values

While pursuing our vision, the following core values will serve as the standards for our behavior and day-to-day decision making:

Our Commitments

To our employees, our most valuable asset:

To our customers:

To our shareholders:

To our communities:

We commit to be actively involved for the betterment of the communities in which we conduct business.