Leader in the Pork industry

To assist with Second Harvest Community Food Bank’s COVID-19 efforts, Triumph Foods of St. Joseph has donated nearly 5,000 pounds of premium pork products, to Second Harvest to assist individuals within Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas. This donation of seasoned loin fillets and tenders is enough food to provide over 4,100 meals in Northwest Missouri and Northeast Kansas. With the growing numbers of food insecure individuals created by COVID-19, this donation comes at just the right time.

“This generous donation allows our organization to provide over 4,100 meals to food insecure individuals within our service area,” said Blake Haynes, Communications Coordinator for Second Harvest; “the impact this donation will make is simply amazing, and it shows that we are in this together.”

“Food insecurity in our area is an ongoing issue even without a health pandemic. These challenging times and potential for food shortages will not stop our mission to help our community and those who live in it.” said Chris Clark, Communications and Community Relations Manager with Triumph Foods. “Alongside our community first responders and front-line health care professionals we want to say THANK YOU to our dedicated employees who are continuing to keep the food supply chain in tact. They are all heroes right now and as we continue to battle this pandemic it becomes more and more clear that we are ALL truly in this together.”