Leader in the Pork industry

Monday, July 20th is a day many in St. Joseph’s south side will not soon forget. Heavy, early morning downpours resulted in over five inches of rain causing the flooding of a residential area located near Contrary Creek in the city’s southwestern region. Local officials have pointed the blame to debris clogging up the nearby creek which quickly crested its banks displacing over 200 residents and leaving 128 homes with major damage and one a total loss.

In response to this disaster, Triumph Foods of St. Joseph has donated an assortment fresh pork products to both Interserv St. Joseph and the Baptist Association of St. Joseph to aid in the flood relief effort. The donation to Interserv St. Joseph will be distributed to those directly affected by the flood event, while the donation to the Baptist Association of St. Joseph will be prepared by the organization to feed those volunteering with the cleanup and rebuilding efforts.

“Triumph Foods is and will always remain committed to St. Joseph’s southside.” said Chris Clark, Communications & Community Relations Manager with Triumph Foods. “The impact of this flood in our area is very unfortunate, especially while so many continue to grapple with the ongoing effects of the continued health pandemic. This flood has added insult to injury and we as a community need to come together. We encourage everyone to give if you can or volunteer to help get these friends, neighbors and loved ones back in their homes.”

If you would like to help with Interserv’s flood relief efforts, please visit www.faithfullyserving.org or call (816) 238-4511.