I Am
Triumph Foods

At Triumph Foods, all of our employees have a story uniquely their own. Our employees come from countries around the world, making Triumph one of the most culturally rich places to work. We are a community of different personalities and nationalities that find commonality in producing the freshest and highest quality pork products. This is our story.

(Note: All videos were shot and produced before the COVID-19 Pandemic)

We are Triumph

Anyi Lugo

Awate Seni

Betty Tlem

Calvert Fredrick

Dairelys Pardo

Gajmer Sukman

Jeremy Phillips

Lucy Mwarechong

Luz Kauffman

Marina Weyhee

Mike Schaffer

Richard Pearson

Seuchen (Amy) Li

Stephen McFarland

Tagel Mekonnen

Wola Gnaba